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"As someone who felt trapped in a toxic/narcissistic relationship and costly divorce, HiveStrong and The HiveStrong Fund provided me guidance to boost my confidence, know my rights and put a strong (Hive Strong) plan together to move forward. As a result of their services and assistance, I recently finalized my divorce, have begun emotional healing and putting a financial/personal plan to move forward quickly. 

For those seeking guidance leaving and moving on from narcissistic/ toxic relationships or just looking to level up Hive Strong can help with consulting advice and planning. If you would like to chat privately about my experience, please let Hive Strong know and I am happy to connect."

 client / mOM / Healthcare professional

"I and alot of woman are beyond blessed with the work you're doing with HiveStrong.  I just got emails from school, church - NO ONE helps, I mean truly helps.  Thanks again"

 client / Mother / eNTREPRENUER

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