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Rachael Kelly

Activating People & Organizations to Achieve



Dallas, Texas

South Florida


Rachael Kelly is a global executive specializing in people, culture, and organizational effectiveness, known for her ability to transform mid to large cap companies. She has a proven track record in scaling entrepreneurial, private equity-backed, and non-profit organizations to achieve outstanding financial outcomes. Under her HR leadership, organizations have seen remarkable improvements in financial performance, employee engagement, and the establishment of award-winning cultures, all sustained by the development of teams and effective organizational strategies. Starting hands-on at the frontline, Rachael has a broad background in operations and HR, and her strategic acumen spans various industries, consistently delivering results.

Her commitment to positive change is also evident in her philanthropic work, which includes board development and governance, writing, and launching initiatives that strengthen communities. Rachael's distinctive approach fosters community and inspires individuals and organizations to achieve their goals.

Rachael lives in Dallas, TX, where she is raising her two special needs children and also maintains a satellite location in South Florida.

Areas of Expertise:
● Strategic Human Resources Management
● Organizational Development and Design
● Talent Acquisition and Retention
● Leadership Development
● Performance and Change Management
● Board Development and Governance
● Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
● Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
● Employee Engagement
● Compensation and Benefits

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